// Dreams//

Do you ever have those dreams where it’s so intense or so real that the minute you open your eyes you try to continue the magic happening inside your head?

It’s awesome when you’re only slightly awake, but can easily fall back asleep and continue where you left off…almost as if you mentally pressed pause for your late night viewing.

Dreams are fascinating. It’s so incredible what our subconscious creates while we’re sleeping. Granted, I’ve never studied dreams and only took a basic 101 of psych in college, but still, it’s so intriguing.

This morning I had one of those ‘I wish I could go back and continue dreaming’ kind of dreams. It was like I was the narrator in my dream. I could hear my voice inside my head, I was the illustrator, and the star. I saw the changes happen in scenes while I was in it. The dream itself was very 500 Days of Summer x Big Fish esque. It took place in a time period, and then it didn’t. There was also a boarding school for the arts, but the characters weren’t teenagers, they were adults. I was in it, but not me physically, rather someone else, but it was me (know what I mean?). Also, Chris Colfer from Glee was my brother. Weird.

Anyways, completely unrelated to dreams, I love fiction. While others like to dabble in poetry and art, I love to write stories. I took a lot of creative writing courses in high school and college, and this was the type of dream that I wanted to write down afterwards and continue it.

Now that I have TOO much free time, I should continue the stories I wrote before, as well as this dream. I would post them on here, but I won’t haha. If you want to read them, then maybe I’ll let you.

I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight, maybe it will be one of those dreams that I consistently dream of.